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BILSTEIN B6 problem on my 04' 3.0R sedan

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Hi everyone.


I did some upgrades on my 04' 3.0R sedan 2 weeks ago.


I changed all the OEM shocks for 4 Bilstein B6. Added to the shocks I bought new front and rear strutmount.

I did not change the springs.


After 4 days, chassis setting was done.


But i checked the weel arch height (from the wheel's center to the lowest point of the wheel arch) and got the following results :


Front : 400mm instead of 378 (tolerance +/- 12mm)

Rear : 350mm instead of 360 (tolerance +/- 12mm)


Added to the height, front shocks are as hard as hell.


Is that normal ? What did i do wrong ?

Will the front stay like this or not even after weeks of rides ?

Will the ride quality change ?


Any solution to fix that small issue


Thanks for your advices and sorry for my so bad english

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