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FS: CA Bay Area Group N Engine Mounts

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For sale I have a pair of Group N Engine Mounts. My parts closet flooded and these were still in the box they shipped to me in. Time to pass them on to the community. Purchased used here from BarmanBean, and in exact same great condition as they were unused by myself. Group N engine mounts are beefier than OEM and great for track and upgraded power output applications. Said to decrease NVH in the engine bay. Asking $100 plus shipping from zip 94611


. a68702bf685cd67d8b3ee1964d4eb482.jpg4b26c8eb57f096b35e795da94004a2cd.jpgf141b9417bbca1d2e3ed9f7598f541a2.jpg857a8dc2d06b6a626e14248fbfb4e4a2.jpg

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Idk if you’ve sold these yet but I just had a set installed in my wagon to replace a set of thrashed OEM mounts and they really are a great upgrade over stock. I’m still learning the way the clutch engages now but there’s very little NVH difference over a worn set of OEM mounts apart from when cold starting the car. Absolutely worth the price OP is asking if anybody is on the fence.
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Please take a moment to read the FS rules at the top of this sub-forum. You'll need to load ready-for-sale photos to the site's server in order to sell items on the site. We DO NOT allow Marketplace pictures to be linked from other websites (tapatalk, photobucket, flickr, imgur, etc..).


Edit your OP, click Go Advanced, click the paperclip icon, browse to your pictures, choose you photo, click Ok, then click Upload. You can also load up to 10 photos of your items before you click Upload. Thread has 24 hours from initial posting to get everything loaded. Do not use the Load Image Process


Picture load walk-through is linked in the rules and found on the Home Page.

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