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2010 LGT Overhead Console No Power

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So I just purchased my first Subaru two weeks ago and drove it back from San Diego to Albuquerque. I love the car so far, but it does have one main problem that I know shouldn't be too hard to fix.


The moonroof, interior lights and rear view mirror are not getting power. I have checked all of the fuses and determined that none of them are blown.


Has anyone ever had a problem with the overhead console not getting power? I figured this problem has to have come up somewhere before.


Thanks for any info that you have.

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All of the things that aren't working share the same ground (GB-5 - passenger side footwell) and all pass through the same connector (I-57 in the passenger side a-pillar) so I would start by checking both of those.


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From what I'm seeing in the manual, those components are powered off of a handful of different fuses, but they all share a ground connection, and they all go through the same connector. My best guess would be that the connection between the roof harness and the dash harness is loose- looks like that's a white 16-pin connector either inside the passenger's side A-pillar, or behind the little pop-out panel at the end of the dash right below the pillar. If that's not it, there could be a wiring issue in there somewhere. Any idea if the previous owner hard-wired in a dash cam or a radar detector or anything like that?


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Hey guys,


I got a little busy and just now got back to the problem. Thanks to your help, I found the problem. It did turn out to be the connector in the passenger A pillar. It had wiggled itself loose. Glad it wasn't the harness itself! Thanks again for your help!

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