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2004 Legacy 35th Anniversary Part Swap with Legacy Outback?

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Hi - have a 2004 Legacy 35th anniversary edition that was in a front end fender bender. Needs hood, R/L fenders, bumper and some misc supports in the front. Been trying to find a 2000 - 2004 donor Legacy, but am only finding Legacy Outbacks in that same 2000 - 2004 era. The front ends are obviously different, but does anyone know if the Legacy Outback front end parts will bolt up and would be usable?


Just want to get the car put back together; don't really care if it's totally correct.

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hoods will be the same, fenders are a bit wider on the outbacks due to larger tires, if you get the whole front end, it will physically bolt in no problem, dunno where you are located but u-pull yards generally have plenty of these in northern part of the country
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