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2008 Legacy Gt Spec B

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Good guys


I'm new to the group and need some advice.


My legacy has n smart drive system in it replace the motor and first 3000km it running fine it just started to the following the one. when in sport or sport sharp under heavy acceleration it won't rev higher than 4800rpm. Been to most of the Subaru guy in my area and nobody knows what the cause may be. The only thing that was picked while driving with a laptop in the car, at 4800rpm when it bogs out like call it the throttle stays open at 100% but I'm losing voltage /amperage.


We under normal acceleration it goes past 4800Rpm but when you put your foot down it automatically bogs out.


Like I said the throttle stays at 100% open where the read 5.0 volt/amperage but the drops to about 2.3 volt/amperage.


Please, guys, I need your this is the first Subaru I bought and loved the Legacy range.:mad::mad::redface:

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For the longest time when I first picked up my car it wouldn't rev past 4000 under acceleration. I still think it was some kind of fuel cut logic. Turned out my wastegate was seized open causing alot of knock up top from way too rich of an open loop. When it was freed the rpm limit magically disappeared. I assume it was caused by the ecu constantly seeing an undesirable condition at the same rpm range.


Not sure if it would be any turbo or engine issue since you said the engine is fairly new but it does sound like the ecu has some learned fuel cut limit in open loop. Are you getting any knock around that area? What are the learning values looking like?


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