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2020 LEGACYGT.COM Calendar!


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Think you have what it takes to make it into the calendar? Have some awesome photos of your legacy you want everyone to see?


Then start submitting now!!


Here's a link to previous years:





Winners breakdown:

Front Cover Photo - Goes to #1 photo overall


11 Monthly Winners - winners get to choose their months in order of their gained votes (only one winner per month other than front and back cover winners)


1 Month for the Injured Reserve - send pics of your cars in repairs, on jackstands, etc... All "day" photos of that month will be cars in repair as well


Back Cover Photo - Goes to 1st choice after #1 photo winner overall


36+ holiday photos - each month will have 4, or possibly more, smaller photos on random holidays throughout the month. (I'll put in every photo submitted if I can)





If you're interested, submit a photo, but please try to follow the guidelines set forth by LatentWagen, DocHolladay23, and myself.


You may post as many pictures as you would like BUT ONLY ONE PER POST

Vote for your favorite picture(s) by Thanking the individual post

Photo Submission Concludes 12/20/18

Voting concludes 12/25/18

Winning photos must be submitted by 12/30. (If you have a lot of votes and will not be around to submit a photo on that day, submit one earlier)

-Photos must be highest resolution possible!!! (minimum 1024x768)

-Landscape Only

-Winners must email me photo, all winners will be contacted after vote count

Calendars will be about 15-20 bucks depending on size (2 sizes available)


Additional criteria provided by Admin:


It's each member's call to display their license plates or not


Typical picture "stipulations" apply:

That is, each photo has to be your own photo(car),

not copyrighted by any photographer or archiving site without their permission to post,

and if there are other vehicles in the photo, the other owners have to provide permission to use it.


Photos/posts which violate any of these criteria, can and will be removed at any time.




If you have any questions at all please let me know! This is supposed to be a fun thing so if anyone has issues, just speak up or I'll assume everyone's good with it!

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