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Check Engine Light + Flashing Cruise + Non-Working Gas Pedal

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Last week, I was driving home and, while stopped at a red light, the accelerator of my car (2006 Subaru Legacy with approx. 150k miles) stopped working. By this I mean that when I tried to speed away from the red light, the car wouldn't accelerate despite the fact that I was pressing down the gas. I checked for the obvious issues (car was in drive, nothing was under the pedal), but it was to no avail. The car still moved but at a crawling pace. During my crawl home, I noticed that the check engine light was on and the cruse/sport (green light in the bottom right corner of the dashboard) started flashing. I let the car sit idle for a few days, figuring the issue was due to the snow we received the first day and the issue appeared to solve itself. However, the same thing happened earlier today and, once again, pressing on the gas pedal did nothing. I can't even take it to a mechanic to get the error code looked at because I'll hold up all traffic. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.
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Yes. I had the same issue. Open the gas cap and reinstall. It helped mine run again. Auto store read the code as TPS error (Throttle Position Sensor).

There's one at the accelerator pedal and one at the throttle body. I fixed mine by resetting the plug by the throttle pedal. No issues since. Over 1000 miles. GL.

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