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Factory EJ build video


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Awfulwaffle -


I'll second that, watching with English subtitles. Thanks for the link/post.


After touring the Porsche Stuttgart engine assembly line (for the umteen time) the line workers know me by name... MIKE! Or so it would seem, LoL. As mentioned by Infosecdad, watching the critical path assembly more than once suits me fine.


We've ordered a grey metallic '20 Outback Touring XT awhile back. Fast forward and it's being readied for a Wednesday 11/6/19 delivery. I'll be sure to follow up shortly with a first drive impression.

Cheers, Mike



|`94 E-Class Coupe |`98 Carrera 993 C2S |`14 Cayman S |`20 Outback Touring XT | All Debadged |

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