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2009 Subaru Legacy 2.5L SOHC

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I was looking for interchangeable engines and it looks like searching http://www.car-part.com/cgi-bin/search.cgi that only 2008 and 2009 Legacy's are drop in replacements?


My current Legacy has a broke timing belt so I was looking to run and gun and be done, but my local pick and pull only has a 2011 Impreza that's decent, as the only other Subaru on it's lot pops up as sold on eBay a bit ago with rod knock.


What are my engine options?

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Is it a pzev? If so it’s 07-09 for a complete drop in.

Impreza 2.5RS 99+

Impreza 04-11

Legacy, Outback (North America) 05-12

Legacy [bL/BP] 03-09 (Europe)

Legacy [bM/BR] 09-12 (Europe, with 123 kW (165 hp; 167 PS))

Outback 03-09 (Europe)

Forester 99 (SF), 05-10 (SG, SH)

Baja 05+

Saab 9-2x Linear 05, 06

This is all of the cars that uses the ej253 motor. Heads could be different on some of them.


The only big difference I know about is the pzev uses a return less type fuel system. So you would have to reuse your fuel lines and Intake manifold.

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Na not PZEV, thanks for the list, so the 2011 impreza engine will work minus the heads? Wouldn't do me much good, as this is an interference engine so I'd need to redo the heads if that was the case.


Also doing the search I don't see 2007 pop up as compatible. Not trying to doubt, but I'm also not trying to hop through pulling an engine more than necessary.

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i said maybe about the heads.


I did a little more digging. I wouldn't go exactly what that website says. I checked the engine block on their to see what would show up and same thing it was only the 08-09. The block is the same thing within all those cars I sent you.


Also a little more I found out. anything from 06-11 ej2.5 sohc will fit. Those are the years that have the VVT solenoid. Of course you MIGHT have to swap some sensors if they used different connectors. But other than that those years are the same exact engine.

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Neat! I'm glad to hear that. Sorry I doubt, I just know going to the yard, pulling the engine, pulling my engine and then finding out it doesn't fit SUUUUUCKS and I over research now as opposed to go "looks like it'll fit" and gun it.


That and I couldn't find a engine swap guide that wasn't talking about going turbo.


If all I have to do is swap sensors, that'll be breezy. Probably.

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Checking through https://www.subaruparts.com/v-2009-subaru-legacy--2-5i-special-edition--2-5l-h4-gas/engine--engine






it shows that the cam gear, the geared idler pulley, and timing belt are different between those two years (other than the timing cover and gaskets, which whatever.) So can I just install the 2011 2.5l impreza engine in the place of the 2009 2.5l legacy and go, or do I need to swap the timing components?

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