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Will 215/55R17 fit on my car?

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Hey everyone, I found a score on some black 2017 Legacy rims ($125 for all 4 rims). The listing says they're 55R/17, and I was wondering if I could squeeze them on my 2013 Premium Legacy. I currently have 215/50/R17 on my car, so I would think it wouldn't be a problem putting the newer rims on right? Obviously this would call for new tires... Thanks for the advice!
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The tires should fit but be more than 1" taller than your tires. The rims rim have a different lug pattern and will not fit. 5 x114.4 (6th Gen) vs 5 x 100 (5th Gen)


Ah I see, the lug pattern is what always confuses me. Thanks for the quick help!

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