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FL- Perrin Axle-backs

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I pulled these off a couple weeks ago, the sound is great they just aren't for me I hate to say I am getting old but I think that is the problem :lol: . As for sound these are easily the most mellow sounding performance mufflers I have heard on our cars. They really aren't loud at all, they do have some reverberation on cold starts but nothing compared to the Nameless mufflers or invidia offerings.


For sale:

1 set of used Perrin Axle-back mufflers with hangers modified to fit the 5th gen. The gentleman I bought them from had them on a 3.6 and I had them on my GT so they fit both without issue. I do think they will drone on the H6 though, so be warned.


Any questions you have just ask as well as any pictures or closeups you may want I will gladly add them to the post.


Price: Asking $370 shipped to the continental US.


2. OEM turbo inlet for 5th gen I bought this for a deal I was trying to make to purchase a turbo kit, but it never happened. So if anyone can use this it is packed and ready to go.


Price: $50 shipped to continental US.







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