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Vanagon ej22 swap no spark, may need parts

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This is my first time posting and i am not sure if this is the correct place for my quest to find some used parts.


On to the van


Its an 83 westfalia vanagon with the ever so popular ej22 swapped in, i did not perform the original swap but have been correcting the myriad of problems that were created by the first installer. All this led to getting the van road worthy.....until it left me stranded. This was out in the aravipa wildernes in arizona, which made for a adventure in its self to get the van home.


EJ22 setup

stock 94 ej22(dual port heads)

came out of an auto car according to ecu.

is wired with a stock harness and the ecu is mounted to the chassis

fans are controlled by van via thermistor.

no vss but has never had a stalling issue

recently rebuilt by myself 2000 miles ago?


What happened?


Was driving 45 mph down a road that is essentially a smooth dirt road, all the sudden the engine died. I thought oh hey maybe the battery came loose, nope. Pulled over and started troubled shooting, had fuel pressure and had air. Did not have spark.

What i have checked



  • Started looking for lose wiring and could not find anything.
  • Pulled the plugs and they were wet(after repeated cranks)
  • Timing belt was still on, have no yet checked full timing to see if it slipped
  • had 12v to ecu
  • coil tested out with funny numbers but i will restest
  • the cam sensor had water in the connector(there were river crossings)
  • need to check for pulses from the sensors


A this point im suspicious of the cam/crank sensors, coil and even the ecu. If anyone has some other suggestions for things to check im open to suggestion. Since this van is used for long trips it was foolish of me not to carry spare parts, so im here to atleast fix that.


While fixing this van im looking to start stockpiling some spare parts for future use. Im looking for a spare ecu(will find pn for one i have), coil and any engine senors.

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Look under the oil fill cap for an engine build date, that'll help track down parts. Also if it has an EGR valve on the intake then it was probably in an automatic car.


It sounds like a coil only because when they start to fail they act out randomly and or fail to work once they heat up.

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what is a good source for buying quality OE parts for subaru? coming from classic bmws i know there can be a difference. A coil is something i would buy new, im not sure if the crank and cam sensors are worth buying new since they are very expensive.
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