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2007 SPEC B 6MT - Trans Removal - Clutch Release Shaft


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In case anyone was wondering you do in fact need to remove the 14mm hex or 10mm hex to access the clutch release shaft. Then you need to thread a timing cover screw into the shaft to pull it out causing the fork to be moveable and push it towards the engine, then transmission will be freed.


**Researched from an sti thread since info here is lacking on the 6MT

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I saw that in the manual, but so many videos do not discuss this. I have a bigger problem, when i press the clutch it sticks to the floor, if I hold it however the car will start up? Throwout bearing not properly seated in the pressure plate? The slave was working before, its just that the fork doesn't want to seem to return.
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Yep exactly, I just dealt with that and ended up replacing the clutch. pull the intercooler off and try to get it to clip into the pressure plate manually. It's not holding in.


If you were pulling on the engine while the fork was still attached you probably bent something and it won't grab anymore.

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I put the throw out on backwards, I had been working on it a night after 8 hour days, finally got the trans split, it was mid night, did everything properly cleaned bell housing, grease etc. attached new clutch pressure plate checked instructions multiple times but remember multiple nights prior gettin 2-4 hrs of sleep then 8 at a desk. Your bound to make a mistake, i had a borescope but lost it so i would have been able to tell, because i remember reading once you get it push the fork toward the engine to engage a sound should be heard, don't recall any of this happening, get it all back together, clutch pedal sinks as does my heart and this being my first time doing a clutch, i'm not noob but not an expert and way more familiar with my imprezas subaru specialist mechanic up.....


At Least I now know how to do it properly, what to look for and more than willing to attempt again, although it seemed like an original clutch and now has a stage 1 exedy.


Timing belt is approaching, I've done SOHC on my impreza, seen some vids on this engine and will not be taking the cheap route everything is getting replaced.

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