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Gold Plus Maintenance and Tire Rotation schedule

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So, I recently went in to get my car's maintenance done and the car's maintenance schedule states to perform the tire rotation every 6,000 miles. Great, no problem there. However, the dealership said that the Gold Maintenance, which is supposed to cover all of the maintenance up to 42,000 miles only covers tire rotations every other visit (aka every 12,000 miles). Are they just trying to get me to pay for it up front to make money or is this a part of the Gold Plus plan? From what the finance advisor stated, he made it sound like the plan included all maintenance up to a certain mileage.


They said a similar thing for my 24,000 mile service which requires a cabin air filter change and wanted to charge me $60 to get it changed, but this is also on the maintenance schedule.

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Read your contract. The answer should be there.


According to the Subaru Added Security brochure:

New Car Maintenance Plans Include:


  • All normal maintenance services as recommended by Subaru in your Warranty Maintenance Booklet ...
  • ...
  • Parts, labor and fluids.

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