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Hey Everyone what is your ideal Idle or what should be the Ideal for my Subie 2.5 Limited 4EAT I See is half of 1 which the engine looks like stalling if I’m on traffic sometimes but so far so good. It is under power I think. My Van goes lower than 1 and not like this half of it


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That dead set on what it supposed to be, I had an 08 2.5i and I have a 13 legacy 2.5i. I will not talk on the 06 LGT I have. That's about 625-7XX RPMs when I hook it up to my live data system in my garage. it's fine.


If your worried get a new panel filter and spray the sensor with CRC MAF cleaner only. I do this 3 times a year. before winter and before summer, and in between. I also have a AEM and K&N panel filter I go between each season.

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