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Lowered outback xt - has traction light on?

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Hey everyone,


This past weekend I lowered my 09 Outback xt. She looks great, installed a whiteline kta124 kit and had a friend align it. All was well until this morning I got a traction control light. My accessport reads no codes. Has anyone seen this?


I've read that lowering I might need to swap some other parts out but didn't expect to see any lights




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you probably damaged an abs wire, vehicle height has nothing to do with how the traction control operates


source: i have an 05xt that i slam in the summer and lift 4" in the winter




also: if you havent changed out the rear bump stops, you will want to because at that height you're probably riding on them when you put someone in the back seat. TBH cutting shorter the rubber cone that sticks off the body would suit your needs. or replacing it and the arm with a legacy one

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Thanks! I'll inspect it.


Also, I did cut the bump stops. Took a good 50% off of them and haven't had any issues.


I picked up these ISC coilovers at a good price and I'm actually pretty impressed with them aside from the rears being a tad bumpy and for some reason my camber bolt for the front does not adjust camber. I may have put the washer on the wrong side of the bolt.


Anyone else have that issue?



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If it's the traction control light, it's related to the wheel speed sensors in the hubs. If it's intermittent, then I'd say one is slowly dying, or there is soot on the magnet. You can pull them out of the hub and wipe them down with a rag, and see if anything changes. One thing that sometimes happens is an torn axle boot (because of different suspension angles, or just suspension work in general), and it gets grease everywhere down there. The grease itself isn't usually the problem, but the film of dirt that sticks to the grease is what makes the sensors mis-read. Just some stuff to look at and it won't cost you anything.
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