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First Autocross With the GT

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Took the '98 GT out to its first autocross event yesterday. I bought this car to commute to law school then retire to autocross once I graduated. Almost every bit of maintenance and modification has been done with this goal in mind.


Yesterday I entered into my first event with this car (probably my 6th or 7th overall). I was not expecting to be competitive in my class, but won it by .6 seconds! Beyond the trophy, I was faster than the 2012 STI and the 2016 WRX! Tons of fun and the car is going to be extremely competitive with some dedicated track tires next year.


Anyone else autocross their 2nd gen?



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TBH swapping to RWD would bump you into a class where you would be virtually non-competitive when you consider the power limitations of our motors.



There MIGHT be plans for a procharger in the future haha. But yeah the car will be set up for fun, not so much a dedicated autocross/track car.

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how do you get into autocross? as far as finding and competing in events. my sec gen is my beater but id like to try in my 5th gen



read - https://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/amateur-motorsports-and-you-can-get-involved-you-legacy-199487.html


your region is probably South Bend region so - http://www.sbrscca.org/new/


most events will be listed on motorsportreg.com


seems like there will be one by you in that region on oct 20th and registration is open - https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/sbr-points-1-blast-off-rescheduled-due-to-snow-tire-rack-test-facility-262008



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how do you get into autocross? as far as finding and competing in events. my sec gen is my beater but id like to try in my 5th gen


My advice is to look into what whitetiger sent and then go out in your 5th gen with the aim of seeing how it is and having some fun. Don't go out there and get overly competitive your first time out. Take note of what classes and cars are running in your area. If it's something that you want to do with one of your cars, then take a look at the SCCA rulebook and see what kind of modifications you can do and still be in a class where you would be competitive down the line.


This is the easiest and cheapest way to get into motorsports and is an absolute blast. The big things that they will look at in tech is a properly secured battery, a seatbelt (or harness) in good shape, no "active" leaks, and a snell rated helmet (often have some to rent on race day). That being said; there are still dangers - breakage and accidents can happen, especially with someone getting too big for their britches.


If you have any other questions, let me know, I may not be an expert, but I am happy to help or point you to a resource!

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