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Protecting LGT Fog Lights

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When I bought my 05 Legacy 2.5i Wagon I picked up the LGT fog lights and installed them. It didn't take long for both of them to get broken from rocks tossed up on the road. I just picked up a set of replacements but before installing them I want to do something to keep them from getting busted again.


Does anyone know of something that can be applied that will protect the glass from breakage?


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You can try some vinyls. Also try to give more distance between the car in front of you. I do that when behind semi trucks.


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I thought about the vinyl film stuff, and may give it a go. Thanks for the suggestion.


As for tailgating big trucks, I don't. I drove them for 5 years, and know what happens when tires blow or they pick up rocks and debris and toss it.


I'm in the Pacific Northwet, and in winter they sand the roads to make it safer to drive in the ice and snow, so avoiding rocks and pebbles is difficult, if not impossible, unless I don't drive 6 months out of the year. I always leave plenty of following distance, from all vehicles, but there is always those jerks that cut one off in traffic, trying to make the next exit or turn, with no regard to the sand and rocks they kick up as they pass by.

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Lift kit for the wagon so those rocks just fly under you? :lol:


I'd have to get it up pretty high. I live up in the Cascade foothills, and there are several rock quarries nearby. The dump trucks throw rocks from their tires, and even when they are going the opposite direction on the highway the gravel flies.


There is no escaping them.


I'm on my 4th windshield, and it needs replaced again. It got broken just after I replaced it last time, a rock came off a dump truck going the opposite direction. I saw the rock coming, and was helpless to do anything but flinch.


It pissed me off so much I refused to replace it until a cop stops me and forces the change. And so far I haven't been stopped for it.


Maybe I should put vinyl film on the windshield too.



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