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Roof rack weight limit?

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Hey all, I just got the Thule Wingbar Evo, and was wondering what the weight limit is on the roof before it starts denting. I’m planning on just putting a roof basket, and nothing over 100lbs. I was wondering what setup you guys were running? IMG_5422.thumb.jpg.aa97423a58615d7863af74a3193146be.jpg



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There is no published roof load rating for the Legacy that I'm aware of. The structurally-similar Outback roof is rated at 150 pounds total, so the Legacy definitely should not exceed that. Also, don't expect any warranty coverage for roof damage on a Legacy due to loading. Edited by ammcinnis

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I can fit two bikes and a kayak. No dents yet. I think total combined weight is only 100 or less.


Have the yak towers and round bars (mainly as i had the bike racks already from my wrx)

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