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Exhaust noise

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Hello all! My 2015 has started making an odd noise coming from the exhaust area; it sounds like it's coming from the exhaust tip or muffler. At first it was just a small, quick rattle that would happen when I turned the car off. After a few more thousand miles, it also started doing it once in awhile coming to a stop, again for only a second or two, but the vast majority of the time it happens is still when I turn the engine off. Of course this started happening before a huge road trip so at this point it's been about 6,000 miles (car is up to about 93,000 miles) since it started and even a couple times it has done it within a minute after the engine shut off.


I did some research back when it first started and I've already checked the heat shields and those seem to be quite sturdy and in place. Bushings move a little more than I would like but don't seem to be the issue either.


Anyone have any ideas? Thanks for any info!

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Sorry, I should've indicated that I was sorta talking to everyone that would be reading your post - researching this site is kind of a PITA. There's also a FB Group for 6th Gen Legacys, you can try there too. - On a separate note, have you had any trans issues? Nice that you have a high mileage 6th Gen, so just curious. Thanks in advance!
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No worries! And nah I haven't had any mechanical issues at all up to this point (other than what I posted above of course). Really the only issue I've had with the car is I'm not really a fan of the CVT and I wish it had some more horsepower but those are more personal preference than anything.
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