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Free Legacy(and cross ref) parts - you pay shipping and PP

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Gonna try to make sense of this as best I can based on memory. I have owned 6 subies so bear with me plz and I apologize ahead of time if I misstep. I may not know what it is exactly so ship at your own risk if it is not clearly identified. Please see the pics.


Most of these are going to be second gen parts - engine seals gaskets etc that were left over from a larger full 2.5L NA engine gasket kit.


2nd gen weird hollow bumper bolt/nut has coarse almost looks like wood screw threads on the outside with a machine screw threaded center. Holds foglight assembly IIRC.


2nd gen clutch install tool.


There is a Crutchfield branded 70-8901 Metra radio wiring harness adapter. It fits 1993-2013 Subarus(some Saab and Suzukis too.)


Hope they help somebody.





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