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Auto trans functionality question.

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Hey everyone, ive searched for something related to this but i probably cant word it right.


2005 Legacy Gt AT


The basic question is with the rear end jacked up wheels off the ground, should they both spin forward with the engine running and in park?? :confused:


I assumed in "park" everything was locked. Or does the AT only lock the front diff? Or should i be looking at a possible issue with the awd drive train? She had no problem plowing through the snow this winter.


Thanks in advance for anyone who knows what im on about! Probably simple , i just have no clue when it comes to transmissions.

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So what you experience is that the rear wheels spins while the car is jacked up while shifter is in park position?



There are two variants, but as I understand it you have the center diff in the vehicle, and in that case it depends on all wheels having traction and that there is a wet clutch pack that "locks" the center diff.



This is one of the reasons why the parking brake shall be used and when lifting the car also use blocks to stop the car from rolling away. The mechanical lock is as far as I know before the differential.

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Thanks for the clarification, i figured the lock was on the other side of the drive train. Makes plenty of sense now.


I just had it quick jacked up to do a little muffler maintenance and started it to hear a couple things and they started spinning botht the same direction about 5mph ide guess , not fast.

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