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Killer B oil Pickup Moroso Pan Compatibility

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Hello guys,


Just found out from a different thread that my 05 probably has a different oil pan than what is compatible with the Killer B Oil Pickup I bought. According to the other thread they had 2 different pans for the '05 MY depending on date of manufacture so I am not sure but more than likely i need a new Pan.


I see that the Moroso Oil Pan is quite a bit cheaper then the Killer B one, is it possible to use the Moroso Pan with Killer B's Oil Pickup? I would like to save a few bucks if possible and sorry if this is a dumb question. I guess worse case I can list it but would prefer going with the Killer B.


Thanks a bunch in advance.

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@JMP6889928 Thanks for the reply. I have heard great things about both the Moroso and Killer B Pick-Ups and Oil-Pans. Basically everything from Killer B seems to be very, very nice and I am assuming that is the reason their prices are high. Considering Headers for my build as well but damn they are expensive.

I was hoping someone on here has made a similar mistake to me and could tell me if my Killer B Pick-UP will work with a Moroso Oil Pan? Or does anyone know if they did indeed have 2 oil pans for the Model Year 2005?

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