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while the engine is out...

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Looking for ideas on what to do while the engine is out.


'05 LGT

153k miles - near perfect compression and leakdown

Trans coming out for a noisy bearing and possible broken tooth on second

And my front main seal is leaking badly


Here's what I had considered:

11831AA210 - Oil seperator plate (but looks like advice is to leave it?)

Oil pump

Oil pump o-ring

Front main seal

Cylinder head plugs (half moons) - 11051AA070 x 2

Left and right valve cover - 13272AA140 & 13270AA190

Spark plug hole gaskets - 13293AA051 x 4

Oil cooler gasket - 21370KA001

Cam seals - 806732160 x 2 and 803742160 x 2

Rear main seal - 806786040

Re-seal oil pan

Check harmonic balancer

Machine WRX flywheel

Dominator 1.5 XT-R since turbine housing is always the hardest part to get past, why put my old BNR 16g back on? :)


Just had the intake manifold and such off recently, so those gaskets are good.


Should I also do those valve cover breather gaskets? Any other o-rings that will be hard as rocks that I should consider?

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