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I'm a new 2012 Legacy GT owner from Quebec

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I bought this car from a dealer 2 months ago for super cheap because they didn't know this car is rare. I just changed the timing belt and this car is great. Super Stock but planning a Stage 1 Tune this summer. 087ffc92984dc7d2a74622b915e1b989.jpge128bddfed476ccd28ebc1b585ab7305.jpg269c83de63445dba2f9cbe6f966b7c81.jpg


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You're a very lucky buyer. The 2012 is exceedingly rare, low production numbers. Also, that add on lip on your front end is the discontinued Bayson R JDM style lip. Make sure to take care of that item, as it's very desirable for North American cars and Bayson has refused to reproduce them. Congrats on the new car and welcome to the forums!
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