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ez30d into 2.5i 5mt chassis

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i plan to swap motors between 2008 legacy 3.0r limited and 2008 legacy 2.5i 5mt; then swap flywheels, engine harnesses, and radiators.


I never done sumpin lock this b4; i have seen the relevant threads, and most are sarcastic responses from erbody in the thread asone underlying theme, the other being generally need my setup of the two configs side by side


given this, i would appreicate input on the remaining task, which can take two routes--a.) swap the biu,ecu,immo,cluster set between the two cars; or b.) flash former rom onto latter ecm and reversely via romraider.


since the former engine is ez30r with 5eat and latter ej25 with 5MT, my particular question is if if the ez30r with 5MT will be okay with the original former rom ez30r with 5eat configuration. For i noted somebody on the other threaded merely wanted to swap a 5MT into an AT car with same engine ej25, but was instructed to flash the ej25-MT rom, the key point here being that the 3.0r config only comes with automatic trans, so there no is MT version rom




omg thanks

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There is a MT version for the 3.0 on the European market. But if I were in your place I'd put in the transmission at the same time and transplant most of the electrical as well, essentially stripping down both cars totally and pick the best parts.



Moving the flywheel from the 2.5i to the 3.0 is probably not even going to be possible.



Or just consider fixing up a 3.0 instead and use it and sell the 2.5i.

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oh wow that information rocks; now i just need to find a copy of that rom


The plan was to only swap out only the engines and swap only the minimal amount of other stuff, which would include also the exhaust headers and possibly the fuel pump, and then to drive the M/T chassis; this avoids a need to do the transplant of the transmission and drivetrain.


So, the other car would be left with ej25 naturally aspirated and paired with a 5eat; actually, this combination would seem to be the one that doesn't exist. Thus, I am still curious as to if it matters what transmission is connected to a given engine and ecu rom, as there is the tcu does function for something, no? Would professional tuning shops be able to tune this configration regardless?

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nice; however, upon checking the 04 liberty 3.0r and 07 3.0r use six-speed in the M/T configuration, so i will have to check some more stock configs, so the question still remains about which tcu can be paired.


but it seems another person is able to use ez30r with a 5-speed M/T using a europe 3.0r-b ecu

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