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Lean under boost rich at idle

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Hello I have an 05 outback xt auto. I noticed that it was running strange this morning with no cel. Ran strange on the way home too. On the WY home I pulled up the torque app and saw that I'm running lean like 11.1 under boost and 20 at idle. In the next few days I'll check vacuum lines. Is there anything else I should check out. Thanks for your time. Kevin
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I think you have that backwards. 11.1 is richer than stoichiometric (14.7), and 20 is leaner. Remember, AFR is the air/fuel ratio, so the more air you have the higher the value will be.


That said, 20 at idle is not normal. When you're not touching the throttle or engine braking, your AFR should be in the 14s, with 14.7 being the target in most cases.


~11 is what you should see under boost on the stock AF sensor in the factory location.

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