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Cobb shifter problems

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Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you had any way to solve this. I've been chasing the problem for months, as soon as I'm on the throttle my Cobb short throw shifter makes a almost grinding noise. I've pulled it apart, lubed it, re-tightened all the bolts. All with no change, have any of you experienced this problem?

It happens in all gears and is especially annoying on long trips, any insight would be appreciated!!


Here's a short video link:


08 Spec B, insta: @08_spec_b, 10 SH Forester insta: @shfozzy
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All the problems in mine were the linkage bushes and nothing to do with the other bush upgrades.


How much slop is there in the stick ? if its flopping all over the place its a problem.


Not sure if the 5MT has the same linkage issues as the 6MT but two of the bushes in mine has completely disintegrated, one was just dust and the other just had the outside ring left.


Without the vibration absorbing bushing, the metal to metal contact was transferring some of the gearbox sounds into the shifting assembly.


The bushing was Subaru part# 35035AG030.

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There is barely any slop in the stick, I do have poly bushings to go in but that's to go under the car and get done at a later date.


That bushing looks like it's for the 6mt only as I can see from pics so far. I'll double check the ones on mine in case


It's funny because it's much louder in 5th gear.


I'll try re-tightening again and see where that goes.

08 Spec B, insta: @08_spec_b, 10 SH Forester insta: @shfozzy
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