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How do I remove these from side skirts?


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Hey -

I googled this but everything I found is about getting double sided tape off the paint or using fishing line and heat to cut emblems off.


First - what the heck are these things called? They are in front of the rear wheels BTW and seem to be taped to the side skirts. They are Zero Sports brand.


The underside of the 'strakes' (or whatever they are called) got destroyed when the car was set up pretty low and we got some deeper snow. I would like to remove them for the duration of this winter and repair them somehow for spring reinstall. I sure don't want to just start yanking on these parts and I am not sure I can get anything like fishing line in there to cut it free. It wraps around the bottom of the side skirt and seem to be taped on that surface too.


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Those are called spats.

And they should be held in by double sided tape and a few clips underneath.


Check if there are anything holding it in underneath and inside of the tire well.

Heat gun to warm up the adhesive and it should come out fairly easy.


Those babies are rare, so you should be able to get some money back if you sell them.

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