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Rally style suspension

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I know i could post this in the part specific section of the forums but im looking for help with my BE specifically. Anyone know what coilovers made for other models that can be swapped in the 3rd gens with little to no fuckery? Looking to switch to coilovers that will let me RAISE the leggy for my rally build im going to do with it. Yes i knpw OB struts/springs work and i can get king springs but i want coilovers so i can fine tune the suspension right where i want it. Ive looked all over for BE/BH specific coild but cant find any RALLY style ones.
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Are the RALLY style ones bigger? If you get some for an Outback or other coilovers with a longer stroke, then put springs on them you'll probably be where you want to be height wise. If the RALLY style ones are bigger, then id do as RumbleRumble said and look into impreza stuff. At most youd transfer the hubs, axles and maybe shock towers (like cutting up an impreza and your legacy then weld the shock towers to your legacy). Thats all at most though.
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the legacy be5 uses the same control arm, ball joint, hub, axles as a impreza until 2007 so swapping them is kinda pointless.



I don't even know what you mean by rally style anyways... They make off road coilovers if that's what you mean.



Wheels and tires will make more of difference off road.

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I would suggest going stock and sending it and going to a rally/ rally cross.


talking and looking at other peoples builds. pinks/stiffer springs with koni yellows with spacers for height is pretty common. If you start to run coil overs you start chipping your teeth depending on the discipline of rally racing you want to go towards.


your definition of Rally style would help though.


If you only have a legacy l maybe looking into a LSD for the rear.

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Sorry for the late reply got caught up in work fornthe past nearly two months (wow i lost time) and havent checked this thread. Anyway my post should cover it. Im looking for essentially a long travel coilover that i can put into my car. I want to go the coilover route because of adjustable dampening and better tunabilty when it comes to balancing the car (for me and my co-driver is smaller than me in height and weight)
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