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Apple CarPlay for older Legacies?

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Any chance that Subaru will update its system so people with older (like 2015) models can utilize CarPlay? I'd be willing to pay for an upgrade. At least one other manufacturer (Kia) has done this, per the Apple website:

[*]2014 - 2018 Soul

[*]2015 - 2018 Optima

[*]2015 - 2018 Optima Hybrid

[*]2015 - 2018 Sedona

[*]2015 - 2018 Soul EV

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I doubt the old Clarion head units have the capacity to run CarPlay. I also doubt a company so obviously disinterested in infotainment as Subaru would go through the bother of offering post-sales options to replace the head unit with something capable of CarPlay, even for an exorbitant amount of money.
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Yikes! Sorry I asked.


haha not a bad question! People who are familiar with how Subaru handles things like this in the past just know that this is very unlikely. It looks like carplay headunits start around $400 on a site like Crutchfield if you'd be interested in upgrading at some point. Although for that price, it would be cheaper to by a 7 inch Ipad mount it over the current headunit and use your phone as a mobile hotspot for it.


If Subaru ever offered this option I would likely upgrade to it as the phone controls on the headunit work well and is essential a dumbed down version of carplay, but are sometimes a little bit clunky to use.

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