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Electrical Gremlins

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I continue to scratch my head chasing down this strange electrical issue. I have about 65k on my spec.B and within the last few thousand the car has been acting up. Its almost random when it happens but essentially I'll be cruising along or sitting at a stoplight and my wideband O2 will show full rich (pegging out at 10.0) and the car will run like garbage or die right there on the spot. It will typically last a minute or two and then go right back to a normal 14.7 ratio and be smooth as butter. I did start to the notice that as soon as the wideband pegs out and this issue manifests itself my coolant temperature gauge on the dash drops to below the first has mark. Could a bad coolant temperature sensor be causing this large of swings in the AFR? No boost or vaccum leaks appear to be present. Thanks for your help!
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Would you have a recommendation on where to start for the bad ground? The car keeps randomly crapping out at the most inconvenient of times. On another and maybe related note, the starter also wont engage consistently, I'll hear the solenoid spin and 5/10 it will engage but partially drop out as if the spline is disconnecting.
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