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New to Subaru and need break in advice.


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Hi all this is my first post on the legacy forum. I have been a mitsubishi guy for 15 years and still going but that car is now a dedicated track car. Most of my knowledge has transfered over to the ej platform well with a few exceptions. So on a whim after shredding 4th gear in my mitsu on a whim I purchased an 05 legacy gt wagon with a manual transmission. I probably paid too much for it ($1,800 with a motor I almost knew was one good drive away from spinning a bearing and not so clean shell) but this is one of those cars that with two children checks a lot of boxes and can sub in when the mitsu is down to at least scratch the itch with an autocross or a car meet. Motor is broken down now and at the machine shop to get inspected and measured. I'll be putting forged pistons in just to be on the safe side and the rest will go back to OEM. Although only looking for sub 300hp I purchased an IAG AOS, Racer X used front mount, cobb v2, 3 port boost controller, full exhaust (catted), intake, and blouch 16g 8cm turbo with their oil feed line. Everything that touched oil will be replaced. My question comes with the break in and tuning with cobb. I come from ecmlink which for all purposes is like having stand alone. I have always been a few clicks away from any tuning I needed or changing over to MAP, setting NLTS, dialing in launch, etc. I'm mostly worried about dropping down the boost and some timing to break this car in with some hard high load driving. I've always broken in motors hard and every oil analysis I get justifies this type of break in. Does cobb have the software available for non professional tuners for this? I've heard from a local tuner that they took it away and a pro tune is the only option I have. I've seen where they offer a class for a fee then do you have full access to the tuning maps and features cobb has with their hardware? If my local tuner is correct and I have no access I'd literally have to trailer the car to a tuner to have it set up just for break in and then again for the final tune after break in. Seems silly when dropping boost and timing should allow me to load the motor without doing harm with knock. Then again I'm not sure the ECU adapts to changes like the 4g63 ecu does. Any information and guidance would be much appreciated.
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If you take the Cobb class and buy an accessport, you will be able to do all of your own tuning and have all features available.


Or, you can buy a tactrix and use ecuflash for far less money, if you plan on doing all of your own tuning. It's tough to find pro tuners that do opensource now.

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