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EVO like hood?


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Not sure, but I don't think there are that many hoods available for the LGT, if any. You could always swap with a person that has a 2.5i, or something to that effect, if someone is willing, and your hood is clean/free of dings/scratches, etc. Just a thought.
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no such hood as of this time. You can buy the CF hood from AVO? and add the http://www.erebunicorp.com/NEW/universalACC.htm WRC hood vent and get the shop to install it for you.. or buy a 2.5i hood and add the WRC hood vent.


take your pick:




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a lot of WRX/STi people go with reversed hood scoop

or keep the hood scoop to cool the engine and tranny..


i'm down for reversed hood scoop!!

they are hott

Perrin BIG maf intake

Perrin Turbo Inlet


Megan Racing header with UP (ceramic coated)


DMH E-cutout

Custom 3" catback


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If you really don't want the scoop, I'd get a blank hood. Like the Outback hood, with the raised ribs just inside the character lines.


With the bumpout in the GT hood for the forward facing hoodscoop, and it's rearward location, probably wouldn't make a great option for an extractor scoop.


get the blank hood, then perhaps cut it to add an extractor, if you really need it.


The blank hood, especially the outbacked version would be the best option, IMHO.

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That would look pritty cool and unique. I like the way the evo hood looks especially with the ralliart shroud thing under it. One thing is are the blank hoods like outback and 2.5i hoods aluminum like the GT hood? I wouldent wanna sacrifice this, I would rather entirely cut out the exsisting scoop in the GT hood and put the reverse scoop there instead.
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I would imagine that the Outback and 2.5i hoods are aluminum. I can't confirm it though. I would think they wouldn't want to put a steel hood on, and muck up the weight.


For n00bs, I do know that the 2.5i hoods look just like a blank GT hood. smooth, with a character line that comes down between the grille and headlights. Outback 3.0 (LLBean, VDC, Sedan) have the character line, and another set of raised ribs just to the inboard of those.


I have often wondered what a Legacy would look like with that hood, and a Front-mounted intercooler, and perhaps the Outback or Corazon fender flares and bodywork. All the mean bodywork from the OB, with the low aggressive stance of a tuned Legacy GT... over wide wheels under flared fenders, and re-coated with a thick, glossy coat of WR Blue pearl paint. Yeah, buddy.

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Or..... you could sell the LGT.... and buy an Evo!




Seriously.....Even if the IC is re-located to the front.... the hood STILL makes the LGT look good!


It's a scoob thing maing!

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