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Site going slower than usual?


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Hi LegGTLT, per your PM of this morning, I am doing a test post in this thread. Please respond if you get it. Hopefully my account is straightened out by now!



edit - looks like I can see it in the thread, so I guess you can too! fingers crossed!!!! Thanks again!!!!!!!


edit 2! I just got your PM now. Thank you for your help!!!!!!! Hoping it doesn't happen again!

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Sorry, I do not have access to PMs but I can see you need to PM BDII per your post above. Please contact him as soon as possible. Thank you!
Please PM joeleodee For All Site Questions. He is the acting Admin and can resolve anything related to LegacyGT.com
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I definitely appreciate all the work LegGTLT and BDII put in keeping this place running.


As always, PM both of them with issues.

I could suck start a snow blower.
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