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Site going slower than usual?


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Not sure when I first noticed it, maybe a week or so ago? The site has been going noticeably slower, like taking 5-10 seconds to load. It's no big deal, I know it's not my pc/connection, just wondering if anyone else has noticed, or if the admins know of a problem.


Edit 8/23: With how slow the site is going, if you don't want to read the other pages, here's an update:

yes, we're on it. We're taking a bunch of steps to archive old threads, which should help some, but we're suspecting that it may be related to moving the site over to https. I can't see far enough behind the curtain to know too much more than that, but we're working on it.


8/24, post #106

New update: anything older than 3 years is getting archived in order to reduce the amount of threads continually being accessed in the database. If you're looking for something, make sure to include that forum's archive in your search, too.


There's also some more info in the posts after #106.

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Excessively long threads (3000+ posts) seem to gum up the works pretty badly, so we've been closing and archiving those as we come across them (hence all the V2 and V3 threads). If you happen to see one of those that we missed, feel free to report it, and we'll take care of it.


I noticed a pretty serious slowdown as well somewhere around when OP posted, probably took 30 seconds to a minute for the homepage to load. Seemed to clear up after that, though, could just be a glitch in the matrix.

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what the fuck is going on here


did someone say sandwiches?




If that doesn't gum up the server, I don't know what will. :hide:


you should PM thefultonhow , he's an admin he'll get your account squared away. Tell him I sent you.


You're a douche.


He resolved the issues I was having with my account. I'd give him 3 thumbs up!


You're a douche too.


Fulton is a good guy. If you also want to to delete your account here PM him. He is the only one that has the power to do that.


You're all f*cking douches. :spin::mad:




Roast beef is where is at!


I take that back, you're okay. :wub:


If you're going melted you have to go croque...



You're okay too. :wub::wub:

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