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Need help trying to install jdm hid headlights on 06 subaru legacy

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Iv been told i nerd a conversion kit...??? Cant find video or find where i can get em or what to do??? Can some one help me set acourse here!!... idk where or what to start on....


Any advice be greatly appreciated!!

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Look on theretrofitsource.com, they have wiring conversion kits. You'd just need to find the one for whichever bulb the HIDs take. I think the JDM ones are H1s and the USDM ones are H7 but I'm not 100% sure. Other then the lowbeams, the other bulbs should be a plug and play into the USDM light harness, if not then they're pretty easy to rewire if that's the only option.
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This gonna sounds dumb lol but i dontk now how to post pictures up on here... and lights i bout have power pack and six wire plug witch my old lights dont have omly has to plugs on each one tht only have three
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