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Putting steering wheel back together

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'99 Outback wagon, 2.5, automatic

So I dismantled my steering wheel to fix what turned out to not be the problem. Now when putting all back together the air bag light stays on. The mechanism under the air bag says to rotate to the right stop then rotate 2.65 turns back. Mine can be turned endlessly to the right.

pretty sure this is operator error.


Anyone have a step-by-step?

Also plan to double check the connectors are fully seated in the steering wheel and below the column.


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Junkyard. Find a new clockspring. Be careful about the year of the donor. I tried this and the parts turned out different even though they were both 2nd gen. Be super careful winding it right. The 'stop' is really weak and when you go too far it's wrecked.



Or you could do like I did after this type of thing and pull the cluster then de-pin the airbag warning light connector. Of course this means at least no drivers airback, and possibly the entire airbag system not working.

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98 and 99 used second generation airbags, thus different clock spring to accommodate the different airbags. Find a 98-99 Legacy or Outback and you'll be golden. Edited by Setnev
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