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05 lgt low on power

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so i would just like to say hi to everyone! new to the group and forums. already seems like a good forum.


now i have been doing some searching around and can't find my case in particular. so i'm asking because maybe someone knows or has an idea.


so i bought this car for a good price because it has 2 things wrong with it. first off being a oil leak. seems to be the oil return line on the turbo. already did the pan the first day i bought the car. now my second and more frustrating problem: lack of engine power.


so let me start with the symptoms

- no check engine light originally. now i have a p0546(egt probe) and on occasion when climbing hills misfire cylinder 1 and 2

- minimal blow by

- doing a compression test today

- plugs look like the car is running super lean

- fuel pressure is at 40 psi on idle and 50 when i snap it in park. not sure for under load (driving situation)

- also limits at 4500rpm in gear except for neutral

- in park and neutral it can rev up to 7k rpm

- when in max rpm sounds like the fuel is being cut. very loud pinging

- it is also an auto if that helps


what i've done so far

- cleaned throttle body

- cleaned intercooler the best i could

- made sure i had fresh 91 octane

- checked ltft - 2.5% and stft is 4.5%

- cleaned pcv valve

- made sure i was still boosting - 9psi at peak


i have plugs which i will change today and do a compression test. besides that i'm stumped. still has the catted up pipe

the other owner before me had a external vent wastegate and said it statrted since he changed it. i have since gone back to stock


any ideas?

any help and all help is welcome. at this point i'm thinking of pulling the ej255 with 210 000km on it and swapping a ej20 not sure which one yet. but i'm afraid the problem will still be there :confused:


thanks in advance guys. by the way i am mechanically inclined. just not used to scoobies

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9psi is low. You should see 13-14psi in a stock car without issues. I would stop driving it and inspect the turbo. There may be vacuum leaks as well causing the lean condition. This car may have been neglected from a fuel octane perspective. Burnt valves are also a possibility.


The pinging is not good and the rev limiter is what you are experiencing at redline. Don't keep doing that.

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turbo not 100% sure. i think it's stock but looks like it's tried to be removed before. down pipe is stock. no tune. i have minimal diagnostics equipment. scanner and fuel pressure tester. wish i had a vantage pro so i could graph my tps sensor. i also have a vacuum tester kit
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