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Dashboard Disassembly

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I have some trim that fell off the dashboard. It seems like it had fallen off when the previous owner had the car. There is some silicone glue behind the trim piece. The trim looks like it should be screwed in from behind the dash.





I tried to figure what trim pieces come off first and how they come off and it seems like they are about to break when I start pulling. I would also like to remove the pillar trim to run wires to the top of the windshield for my Escort SmartRadar detector.


Does anyone have a link to pictures or descriptions on how to remove the dash trim and panels on a 2013 Limited 3.6? I cant seem to find anything here on this site.

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That is a hack repair. Are trim pieces all faux wood, or did some warp them?


I haven't removed it but that piece should not be too hard to remove. The black dash side panel pops out.I read the other driver side trim piece above the key is hard to access.

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It definitely looks like a hack job. The wood trim is plastic. If you notice on the back of the wood looking piece there is no rectangular tab to fit in the hole on the dash. I cant even see where it would have broken off if a tab was there. If a tab was there it would have been about a 1/2" to the right of that green sticker.


It seems like the previous owner, or possibly the Subaru dealer, had the dash apart for some reason and broke everything in the process of taking it apart and then glued it all back together. What confuses me is this car was a three year lease return. I tried pulling on the black panel on the side and it sounds like its cracking as I pull. I guess that's glued in too. What I need to do is order all new trim pieces form Subaru before I pull it all apart so I can put it all back together the right way. The wire for the radar detector is small enough that I can tuck it behind the trim without removing it for now.


Thanks for the reply's and to Zee for the link with the pics.


I have had the whole radio trim panel and passenger side dash apart when I installed the new Alpine GPS radio. I had all the trim and the glove box out of the car and it all just snapped apart easy.

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