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Identifying OEM vs Aftermarket Headlights?

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I'm going to buy some headlights tomorrow from a local seller. He tells me they are OEM but I know there are aftermarket tyc headlights out there.


Is there markings so I can confirm they are OEM?


I assume if it's OEM it should say subaru and the aftermarket ones will not say that. I had mine out/apart but can't remember what markings were on it.

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It was hard to take a picture of it, but in the bottom corner of the lens towards the grille, it should say Subaru.


I had one tyc light temporarily like 7 or 8 years ago, but I got rid of it because the way it threw light was different from my oem Subaru headlight. So that's another way to possibly tell tyc vs Subaru, but the light has to be installed for that.




*Oh I forgot to mention, where it says "Subaru" on the oem headlight, I think it says TYC on tyc headlights.


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