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Door Handle Cable Replacement?

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The cable that connects the driver's door latch mechanism to the interior handle broke at the ball end.


For those of you who've had this happen, were you able to swap the cable out for a new one without replacing the whole latch assembly?


I haven't had enough time to actually pull the mechanism out and take it apart to look, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask before I do.


Thanks in advance for your help!

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It isn't the hardest of jobs to do, the issue would be whether or not Subaru (or any aftermarket part companies) sell just the cable you need. I believe most will have them as a kit only, being the mechanism AND the cable. if anything, you can probably hit a junk yard and snag the cable you need. At that point, its a matter of popping the door trim off and reaching into the door cavity to make the replacement.
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