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Moonroof problem

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No, I haven't. I didn't on my 2015 either. Sorry though, and they will fix it. And although it's frustrating, problems arise and your warranty will take care of it - this is what your warranty is for.
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I hate freakin' sunroofs... I must be snakebit because everytime one malfunctions, it's just before a downpour...


I make it a point to 'Exercise' my Sunroof on the 1st of every month, just to make sure I'm not surprised...

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They can be manually closed. Remove the overhead console and manually rotate the motor to close. If I remember correctly, there is an Allen key placed up there at assembly for an emergency. I cannot detail the process on the 6th Gen, but I had to do this on my 2010, 5th Gen, at about 170K miles. It took maybe 5-10 minutes, which included locating the hidden screws.


Sorry to hear yours failed so soon.



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