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Wrecked 2005 Legacy GT Sedan

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I am a long-time Suby aficionado, and I just bought a wrecked silver 2005 Legacy GT sedan -- primarily for the engine. The whole rear driver side corner was smushed, so there really wasn't any chance to save it.


I autocross a 1973 Porsche 914 using a hopped-up EJ22t engine out of a 1994 Legacy SS and a modified 2004 Outback 5MT. But couldn't pass up the opportunity to build up a "big block" EJ255 for my 'teener.


The LGT only had 104k miles, and I'll sell the 5EAT trans and rear LSD separately, as well as both side mirrors, the driver's side headlight, and the stereo/HVAC pod. If I can find an LGT with a bad trans, I might buy it to swap in the 5EAT.




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hahaha, I love it. seems like you might be doing more drifting than auto x with that motor in that chassis. I would imagine you will want to modify with the goal of producing more torque for auto x, but your poor tires!


pretty sweet idea though, and quite the step away from what is normally posted on these forums.


Please keep us updated!

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Attached are a couple pics during the build. The metal flares allow me to run 16x9 wheels out back and 16x7 in front -- but I'm definitely traction limited when on boost, even with a Torsen LSD. But it is a mid-engine chassis, so it is really well balanced and tracks out well (predictably drifting a mid-engine car is way beyond my talent level!). I've basically removed the rear section of the Subaru 5MT transaxle, so the "front drive" outputs turn the mid-engine hubs through custom axles which have Subaru inner tripod joints and Porsche 911 outer CVs. More on that later...


I originally used the EJ22T engine as a "proof of concept" with plans to step up to a 2.5 turbo at some point. The EJ22T is 160hp stock at the crank, but I'm running a chipped JDM WRX STi ECU, EJ257 yellow-top injectors, larger MAF, and a bellmouth downpipe into a short racing/loud Magnaflow muffler. It probably has 200hp now.


The wrecked LGT sorta fell into my lap and forced me to step up. The air-to-water intercooler setup that I'm currently running is on the hairy edge of what I want to do with the EJ255, so I just bought a larger capacity A2W I/C and a bunch of aluminum tubing / silicon couplers from FrozenBoost and CXRacing (respectively). I'll break out the TIG this weekend to start mocking up the new setup on an engine stand.


I've been building this car in my suburban garage over the past 10 years, with a couple other engine swap projects (tdi into Eurovan, M3 engine into 318ti, etc.) mixed in to really test my wife's patience...



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Here's what happens when I start Seeing Red on the autocross course: I was in the top 10% for my first few runs, and then decided that my normal 3.5k rpm launches were too wimpy -- so I launched at 5k, got wheel hop, and then heard a loud BANG! This was a Porsche 911 axle shaft turned down and re-splined to fit the inner Subaru tripod joint. My new pair of custom Dutchman Axles made of Hy-Tuf aircraft-spec alloy material should be here tomorrow, but my wallet is lighter by $650.


What's gonna break next, especially with even moah powah? :eek:




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Finally buttoned up the new axles and ran the car at an autocross this past weekend. It is really running well with the EJ22T engine. But I'm hankering to get the EJ255 set up for the swap. I bought a Mishimoto inlet and a Grimmspeed EBCS from a local guy on Craigslist. I'm trying to decide if I should gut the up-pipe, get an STI pipe, or go aftermarket. I'm also pondering whether I should adapt the custom air/oil separator setup that I've devised for my EJ22T or go aftermarket (the guy is also selling a Crawford setup).


Finally, can anyone recommend a pro-tuner near San Luis Obispo?



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I don't think an aftermarket/sti UP will be much better than a gutted stocker, but they will be lighter. I think I paid less than 100$ for mine.


If you can make the drive to Long Beach, Church Tuning was really good when they did mine. Only problem was that I had to wait a while for a spot.


I might be selling an Invidia Catted downpipe and K&N intake for a LGT this weekend, if you'd be interested

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