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Comet Gaskets?

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So as the title states, I'm trying to see if anyone has had experience with Comet gaskets.


The reason I'm asking is that I'm going to be doing a ej251 partial rebuild/reseal but Subaru doesn't make a master gasket kit for that motor, so either I go non OEM or I buy all the Subaru gasket separately.




So have any of ya'll used comet gaskets or have other ideas for complete gasket kits? I've used comet HGs on a 60s Pontiac motor but that was pretty low compression and iron on iron, so I'm not sure that will still work for high compression and aluminum on aluminum.

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Just did this work to my 02 Forester EJ251 when I did the HG on it. I went with this kit:




The head gaskets that come in this are the updated MLS based on the updated Subaru design. I can wholly confirm this as I was skeptical of a kit so "cheap" that I ordered a set of Subaru OE head gaskets for the EJ251. I ended up returning the Subaru gaskets when I found out they were 100% identical. If I had to order this kit again, I would in a heartbeat. My Forester is going great now for the last 1,000 miles since the rebuild with no leaks, so I cannot complain. Anyone who knows me knows I'm frugal but I also don't use crap parts on my car. I don't think this falls in the shit parts category after using the kit and seeing how it was compared to OE.

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