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05-09 rear brake dust covers


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I found that my rear dust shields have rusted to the point where they're pushing against the rotors below the hub in an awkward to see spot. Since I usually work sitting on a curb I never noticed it when I changed my brakes.


I know that the WRX folks sometimes tend to remove these as they just seem to trap rocks (mine have no such problem, they're at the point where they're holier than the Catholic church at this point, and any shielding properties they had are long since gone, thanks NY winters).


Is there a cheap replacement that is known to fit our cars? It looks like the OEM parts are about $80 per side around me (though online has them for FAR cheaper), I saw them online for about $60, but that still seems like a lot for a bit of stamped metal. The front is a cheap $16, hence why I'm hemming and hawing over it.


For anyone that's looking at this thread via google and wondering the PNs;


Subaru OEM part numbers:

Dust cover rear, Right - 26704AE040

Dust cover rear, Left - 26704AE050

Dust cover Fronts - 26290AG02A

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