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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.


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I have a chance to buy a 07 Legacy limited sedan with a 5 speed this is the first one I’ve found with one. Not big on the color it’s white with tan leather interior :eek:

The body is tight with very few dings on it the inside is clean for the most part a dealer has it . He’s asking $7,900 for it and it has 125K on it. I know Subaru’s are damn near unbreakable. I have an 01 Forester with 325K on it and the wife has an 07 Outback with 200K on it. I don’t care about the car not having a nav system on it but the car seems to be loaded heated seats sunroof, etc.

I plan to go drive it this week, is there anything I should be listening for or looking at when I drive it? Should I know anything about this year before considering it? Or anything else I might not be asking?


Thanks in advance!

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How was your test drive?


I currently have a 2007 LGT sedan 5spd in white with tan interior.


Best vehicle I've ever owned. It only has just under 100,000 miles but it's been completely reliable with no problems at all. It's even on it's original battery.


Bought it new and performed the maintenance schedule almost religiously. Replaced the brake pads and rotors twice during that time and just replaced the spark plugs this week.

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