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Fellow 3.6R drivers exhaust question.

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Hey, if anyone is willing to answer I wanted to make my 2013 Subaru legacy 3.6R a little louder trying to get that Subaru rumble


I have the raptor headers, intake, and a magna flow cat-back. But still wanted it a bit louder I was debaiting on either getting my resenator staight piped or high flow. Or staight piping my mufflers if someone could give me there take on this that would be great.




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Hmm, no chance for the rumble with EL headers.


But loud and throaty she can become, easy.


First, loose the intake, replace the y-/mid-pipe with some 2.25 or 2.5 piping into the Magnaflow catback. That should do the trick. If too much boom or drone, slap some resonators on in the catback section.


All options, approaches, discussed in the 3.6R mod thread... across many pages.


Make sure to keep the stock location of the AF sensors and to a lesser degree, the rear O2 sensors. Stick with some 300, 400-cell metal core cats, or ceramic coated metal substrate cats... even install 1 per bank and a sacrificial one post the merge.


You'll gain loud and rasp. From there, eliminating rasp will be an art.

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