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Track instruction tire pressure question


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Hey all. I have a lot of track miles on two wheels and will be taking a two day class in my 2000 GT in the fall. I'm curious what kind of guidance you would be willing to provide with regard to (cold) track tire pressures. I will be running BF Goodrich street tires in stock sizes, either the g-force Super Sport H-rated on the GT now or G-force Comp-2 A/S on the wagon now. I run 34-35 on the street all of the way around. Thanks a bunch.
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Often I had to run higher tire pressure to keep them from rolling over too much. I'd start at 37-38 PSI and see how they wear. As they heat up, you can probably drop the pressure some.


I had the same experience, and ran around the same pressures.

I could suck start a snow blower.
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