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mapdccd with 04 sti trans in 05 lgt wiring questions

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I've done my 6mt swap a while ago. I've finally picked up a mapdccd controller to complete the swap. I plan to run all the wires and have it be able to run on auto mode. I would like to ask the experts here some wiring related questions.


Where are you guys using for tps signal? Is it better to tap the pedal position or the throttle body position?


Where is the best place to tap the speed signal? At the cluster, abs module, or ecu?


Where are you guys mounting the controller? optimal wire routing?

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I have an 09 STi 6MT. TPS tapped by the ECU...it was a pain to do because there are so many wires bunched up there.


The controller is double taped behind the ashtray, under the HVAC control.


Mine did not need the speed sensor.

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